Email Marketing, Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted on May 2, 2017 by in Email

As the name already suggests, email marketing refers to the use of emails in advertising a product or service. The process involves sending out emails that contain commercial messages to a large number of email addresses or even a few number of consumers with a special tools like Advanced Mass Sender. In other words, all emails sent by a business, individual or organization to a person or group of person in order to solicit for their patronage in furtherance of their purpose. This means that email marketing can be used for a number of purposes such as creating brand awareness, establishing brand loyalty, soliciting for sale, requesting for donations or similar purposes. Businesses engaging in email marketing can send commercial messages to their current customers, previous customers, prospective customers or to all of the three. It all depends on the aim the business wants to achieve via the message.

Though email marketing is a new method of advertising which started after the internet technology has been fully accepted in the business world, it has become widely accepted. A lot of businesses today are using email marketing to advertise newly introduced products and services, to establish brand loyalty, keep existing customers and get new ones. However, to achieve a meaningful result using this method, the campaign has to be implemented using the appropriate means which will ensure that commercial messages get to the end user and are not blocked by email blocking programs and filters used by many people to sieve out spam from their emails.

Given the effectiveness of email marketing software AMS 4.3 and its wide acceptability, different kinds of email marketing have evolved. Some of the widely used email marketing types are transaction emails, direct emails and mobile emails marketings. In the transaction email marketing, the marketer sends out the email with the intention of fastening up and concluding a deal previously agreed on with the sender. The message sent under this type of email marketing passes information about the action that initiated it. Direct email marketing is the type of email marketing in which commercial messages that promote a product or a service is sent out by a business to a massive number of consumers. Mobile email marketing as implicit from the name refers to email commercial messages delivered via tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

In general, email marketing gives a number of advantages which some other traditional means of marketing do not give. Here are some of the advantages of email marketing.

With it, a business can track return on investment; it is quicker and cheaper as well. Record has shown that this means of advertisement has yielded return on investment.

Email marketing is an affordable means of promoting a business, product or service. Besides being affordable, it is easier and faster to complete the process.

It is a veritable means of reaching out to a large number of targeted audience. In email marketing campaign, commercial messages are normally sent to consumers that have willingly subscribe to it. Besides, many of the recipients read the commercial message in good time. Many people check their emails at regular intervals throughout the day. Thus, with it, businesses are sure that their messages have been received by a considerable number of their consumers.